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Nightclubs, Bars, Casinos, and Restaurants

Keeping your establishment in great condition is an endless task. Food and drink are being spilled, carpets get ruined, surfaces get stained. Bar and tabletops need upkeep, refinishing them is a lot more affordable than buying new inventory. The more your establishment gets run down the more patrons treat it as such and your profit potential is impacted.

As Jon Taffer Says "I don't embrace excuses, I embrace solutions." iCoat has money-saving solutions that fit the needs of your business.

What about wanting to reimagine your establishment and incorporate a theme like the ocean, a red theme, or you just want to brighten things up? iCoat can help do this for you with one of our installers near you or we can show you how to do all this and more affordably than you would imagine.

Epoxy Bar Top
Bar top Epoxy

Benefits of Epoxy Bar & Countertops

  • Beautiful food-safe surfaces
  • Unlimited colors and themes
  • Incorporate lighting options
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to fix if damaged
  • Repels stains and odors
  • Non-porous surface
  • Antimicrobial option
  • Food & Health Code Compliance
  • LEED Platinum Standards
  • Low cost of installation and maintenance
Brown Bar Tops
Taco Bell Counters
Sports Grill

Tabletop Maintenence, and Design

Your tables take a beating, from rough customers to having chairs stacked on them and more. With our systems, you can take a basic table and create a great design, cleaning and upkeep are easy so your tabletops remain looking great for a long time. Plus, with epoxy clear-coat you can seal in decals like sports logos or iconic sports photos.

Restaurant Red Table

Concrete Flooring Solutions

Wine Bar Floor

Concrete flooring coatings. Beautiful, hardwearing, and easy to clean flooring are also a popular item as food and drink spills need to be cleaned up without staining and leaving behind odors or residue. Our popular flooring coatings come in any color imaginable, including Metal Illusion floors. We also have a revolutionary “One Day Stain” so you never have to close the establishment for a long period of time.

Polished Concrete Floor
Coffee Company Floor
Red Metallic Floor
One Day Stain

Revolutionary Flooring System
"iCoat's "One Day Stain"

Applying the iCoat One Day Stain saved this business thousands of dollars over acid stains and days lost in construction. It helped them meet their deadlines while not having to compromise their opening plans or brand color scheme. It can be done in any color or any shade of color. A business can now realistically return to service next-day or even same-day. It's a very safe product, it can even be applied while a business is still open. It meets all LEED Platinum standards and health codes.

iCoat One Day Stain produces a finished concrete floor that is very easy to maintain and flexible, its a hard waring iron floor, it's revolutionary in the flooring business.

Product Information: 

iCoat's "Revolutionary" One Day Stain is easy to apply and can be done in any color or combination of colors. The proprietary blend of urethane resins dry in less than an hour and is ready to be sealed immediately which significantly lowers labor costs. It has no perceivable odor and can be applied and sealed even while a business is operating. It hides variances in concrete colors and even completely different slabs for a beautiful, functional, long-lasting floor.

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