Concrete Overlay

I-22 (Natural) and I-30 (Gloss) Color Enhancing Acrylic Sealers

iCoat’s most popular sealers.  This color-locking acrylic sealer is a solvent-based sealer best applied on concrete, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, pavers, and many other Masonite surfaces.  It provides excellent wear resistance and carries the best UV protectants in sealers.  With its deep penetration, surfaces are protected from foreign substances such as grease, oil, and moister.

These two sealers are best used outdoors but can be used indoors as well. Our sealers are very easy to apply and our experts can provide training on the best concrete sealer.  You can roll it or spray it on and is great for patios, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, and other concrete finishes.
These are breathable sealers.

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Sealers for Concrete Overlay

iCoat Acrylic Concrete Floor Sealer – i22

iCoat Acrylic Gloss Concrete Floor Sealer – i30


Urethane 500 Satin/Gloss

Urethane 500 is a two-component polyester/aliphatic polyurethane floor sealer that exhibits flexibility and excellent characteristics for weathering, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and is UV stable.

This product works great for a sealed topcoat on the iCoat Metal Illusion Epoxy Floor System.  This is a great indoor sealer. Recommended use would be for bars, restaurants, auto service centers, warehouses, computer rooms, laboratories, aircraft hangers, cafeterias, indoor or outdoor service, and chemical exposure areas.

The application is a thin layer up to 3 to 5 mils.  Thick is not good. These two products are available in 1.5-gallon kits. This sealer is a non-breathable sealer.

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iCoat Epoxy Floor Urethane Sealer (Satin/Gloss) U500


U2112 is a single component moisture cured polyurethane (HDI based) floor coating/sealer that exhibits superior characteristics for abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.  This product has good UV stability and is a great indoor sealer.

This product is both a residential and commercial grade sealer recommended for bars, restaurants, hospitals, dentist office, showrooms, warehouses, laboratories, cafeterias, and most indoor chemical exposure areas with regard to concrete or cement.

This is a non-breathable sealer.

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iCoat Urethane Concrete Floor Sealer – U2112


FAQ Overlays: 

What is a Concrete Overlay? 

Why does iCoat have a Base and a Texture mix? What is the difference?

iCoat manufactures two similar but different bags of overlay products. The Base is for filling in profiles such as exposed aggregate, kool-decking, lathe or any other surface that is not flat and smooth. The Base has levelling agent that helps it relax and not create ridges. It does require troweling to achieve a smooth surface . The Texture is for creating the effect and holds the desired finish look. 

iCoat concrete overlays are engineered cements that are specifically formulated to be troweled, stamped or sprayed on concrete or other masonry surfaces. They are very strong at 8000psi and are considered high traffic surfaces

Can I make it look like tile or stone?

iCoat concrete overlay products can be done in any pattern and a variety of textures. Woodgrain, tile, travertine, flagstone , seamless flooring and almost any pattern or texture can be created with iCoat overlays.

How long will an overlay last outside in extreme conditions?

An icoat overlay should last indefinitely and we have jobs that contractors did nearly 30 years ago that look great. An iCoat overlay can be touched up if damaged and resealed to make it look brand new with minimal effort. iCoat overlay products are air entrained and can be done in areas where heavy precipitation and snow are expected. It is not advisable to run a plow on an overlay but shovels and snow blowers are fine. iCoat overlays are sealed with a very high grade sealer and are very resistant to high amounts of UV exposure.

What prep is required for icoat overlays?

Most iCoat overlays are done on patios, pool decks , driveways and walkways. A simple powerwash and a degrease if necessary is all that is necessary. 

Can I resurface over exposed aggregate or other surfaces with an uneven profile?

Yes, using the base mix allows creating a smooth surface over ones that aren’t.

Can iCoat overlays be used for interior application? What about over infloor heating systems?

Yes, iCoat overlays are perfect for interior as well as exterior flooring and will remain stain free even with the worst spills. iCoat overlay products work great and create a mass factor that helps infloor heating systems work efficiently. 

What colors can be created with iCoat overlays?

iCoat overlays can be done in any color desired . iCoat has several different types of colors. Consult iCoat for assistance on determining the best methods for your particular application


Is training available for iCoat overlays?

Yes, iCoat has video and in person training seminars as well as technical support assistance to assure great results.

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