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The iCoat Countertop System is an easy 4-step process that any tradesman, handyman, or DIY enthusiast can do.

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You need to know what the average square feet of countertop is in most kitchens. The answer? 45sqft. In case you can't envision it, 22 total feet of countertops in length at standard depth.

The system can be applied over any existing surface including Laminate, Tile, Formica, Quartz, Corian, Medex, Wood, or even Granite. It can be done in a variety of ways from simple to a little in-depth. We at iCoat will support you all the way through the process so you are successful and love the results. Our packages are 2 sizes, up to 25sqft and up to 50sqft. This is our motto, iCoat Products make living spaces beautiful.

Here is a link to our online step by step training. https://icoatcountertopproducts.vhx.tv/

We provide a simple 4 step process to upgrade your old countertops to make them beautiful.


We are looking to work on a clean and sound substrate. Clean off the existing countertops and remove any caulking. If there is anything damaged on the surface fix that first. Sink removal is optional, and this is a great moment to replace an old sink and fixtures. The area is masked off to protect the cabinets and other kitchen appliances and craft paper is taped all around the floor. Make sure to do a great job prepping your work area, it will save a lot of unnecessary cleanup later.


A thin layer of Countertop Composite cement is brushed on as a primer in preparation for a second slightly thicker concrete coat that may be molded and texturized. Make sure to cover the backsplashes, edges, and the sink cutout. This concrete dries fast and creates a flat surface. Stone lightly to knock off any excess peaks and then the dust is removed. Now you can prime the entire surface with iCoat Metal Illusion Primer in either Black or White as a base coat primer.


Each kit includes the colors you see in the sample. Color can be added in a variety of ways to get your desired effect. You can color directly onto the primed surface or include color into the epoxy topcoat. Color can be brushed, dabbed, rolled, or sprayed onto the surface. (Use quality tools every time.)


If the color is not going to be included in the iCoat Countertop Epoxy topcoat, it is time to add the durable epoxy finish. It is added liberally across the top surfaces and smoothed over the entire surface and down the edges with a plastic knife finished with an edge brush. Epoxy self-levels. Brush epoxy onto the edges and let the excess drip onto your prep paper. Lightly torch the epoxy to release any small bubbles and to get the surface to sparkle.

To work in color with the epoxy topcoat, add the vein colors with a knife, spray, or drip and work in with a chip brush to blend areas for the desired effect.

iCoat offers the ability to match any gloss reflection scale with iCoat Honing Oil to make the look to the desired customer's request.

Once all paper is removed and the kitchen hardware and sink are in place the customer gets to see their new kitchen in all its iCoat glory all in about 48hrs.

Let's get started!

Select the look you want to achieve, we will include all the products you need to upgrade your countertops. We are always just a chat or phone call away if you need any further assistance.

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