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Award-Winning Food-Safe Countertop System

The iCoat award-winning Countertop System is our most popular product and usually catches the eye and excitement of anyone who experiences the unbelievable resemblance to expensive Stone and Granite. Every time our distributors and installer exhibit at a Trade Show with our countertop samples lines form three to four deep to get a glance of artistic beauty.

iCoat has emerged as the leader in decorative concrete countertop technology. iCoat not only invented the concrete resurfacing technology for countertops back in 2004 but has continually improved it as advances in concrete additives and colorants have become commercially available.

White Kitchen Countertops

Increase Your Home's Value - Here's How it Works

This product is made of very thin layers of concrete that go directly over ugly Formica, Laminate, Tile, Wood, and traditional concrete. The topcoat is a 2 part Epoxy that self-levels and has additives for scratch resistance and scorch proof. Of course, if you wanted to build a new countertop you can use MDF or a water-resistant fiberboard call MDX or Medex as your substrate.

iCoat Countertop products have been used both in commercial and residential applications with great success. They are a great choice for bathroom vanities, kitchen counters, tabletops, and even outdoor kitchens. iCoat countertop products can be made to replicate nearly any type of stone or granite, concrete, or even wood.

Kitchen Countertop
White Counter in Kitchen
White Countertop Corner
Kitchen Countertops

How iCoat Countertops Are Made

iCoat White Countertops Over Granite

Innovation and Creativity with Artistic Countertops

Faux Artists love the iCoat Countertop System because they get a chance to use their God-given talents to create some beautiful looks you can’t get in Stone or Granite. Being an artist is not a pre-requisite. iCoat has trainers around the country who can teach you the Countertop System.

Check out our Training for the training center nearest you. iCoat is the countertop of choice to meet LEED Platinum standards. iCoat countertops also meet all health code standards for food prep areas due to the impervious topcoats used. This means no bacteria will be embedded in the counters like what happens with real stone. iCoat counters are also an excellent value and can be installed for a fraction of the price of quality granite. iCoat counters are available in myriad colors; iCoat can even create custom colors as desired.


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