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The iCoat Garage Flooring System is an easy 4-step process that any tradesman, handyman, or DIY enthusiast can do.

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iCoat Epoxy Garage flooring turns your garage into a showroom. Beautiful, hard-wearing, unlimited color choices, and easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful. iCoat Products make living spaces beautiful.

Here is a link to our online step by step training.

We provide a simple 4 step process to upgrade your old floors to make them beautiful.


Clean and Sound Substrate. Prepare your floor for the application. Remove all debris, glue, paint, and oil. Use iCoat Patch & Fill or Crack RX to fill holes in the existing concrete and smooth with a trowel. When dry, sand or grind rough areas. Remove dust with a vacuum and then mop to clean with iCoat Maintain to remove dust particles on the floor.


Apply iCoat Flooring Epoxy tinted as a base coat with a choice of colors to prime the floor. It is poured onto the surface and spread.


Additional color can be added and worked into the epoxy. Metal Illusion garage floors are also a popular new look. iCoat flooring chips are spread into the wet epoxy adding the color of the chips to the color of the epoxy base.


Metal Illusion epoxy can stand alone without a topcoat as it is a wearable surface. Many opt to install a topcoat as a protectant or sacrificial surface depending on the desired effect. If a topcoat is required we recommend sanding lightly with a 180 screen on a square-buff machine. You can choose one of the following:

2112 is an aliphatic, single-component urethane that can be rolled over MI epoxy. Dip and roll then crosshatch. The coverage rate is approximately 400 sq ft per gallon

U500 is a 2 to one emulsion urethane that has outstanding chem resistant properties for applications such as garages, mechanic shops, airplane hangars, or other industrial applications. It has a long working time and creates a very hard shell. C Dip and roll then crosshatch. The coverage rate is approximately 400 sq ft per gallon

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