iCoat White Label Business Opportunities

Items made with epoxy

Step 1. Is white-labeling Epoxy Resin a viable business option?

"In 2020 our top client white-labeled $1.75m in wholesale product. 100% margin mean."

The investment is only $25k covering the White Label Rights Fee to Get Started and includes $15k towards the initial wholesale product order in any configuration of your choice. If you choose for iCoat Network Services to handle a lot of the heavy lifting, the amount allocated towards your initial order raises to $20k of wholesale product. $20k of epoxy sold at retail pricing with cover you initial investment.

Step 2. Where would I offer my branded products for sale?

Online Sales Outlets

Step 3. Is this a growth industry?

White Label Epoxy

Epoxy Resin is a Growing Industry with a Big Sales Upside. 

In recent years, a fantastic thing has happened in the business world where companies specialize in creating products or services that other people like you (or resellers) can then resell to the end consumer and make a profit running your own business.

We provide a proven business model so you the entrepreneur don’t have to battle alone, you have a great team behind you. Introducing iCoat white label business opportunities.

The market for epoxy resin in consumer retail sizes, for use in art and for making jewelry, tumblers, coasters, mold designs, charcuterie boards, etc., is growing every year and shows little sign of slowing as it becomes more embedded in the consumer's options for arts and crafts, beading and art. There is still lots of white space in your local community let alone the nation.

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Step 4: Get Started Today and Leverage the iCoat Network of Services in Your Own Profitable Business

White Label Business Benefits 

  • Fast Start-Up
  • Easy to Get Started
  • We Handle Supply Chain
  • We Do Order Fulfillment
  • We Show You Sales Channels
  • FREE Sales Website
  • Your Branding Idea
  • Graphic Design
  • Labeling Assistance
  • You Don’t have to Carry Inventory
  • We Ship Your Orders
  • You Get Paid Directly
  • UPC Codes & Management
  • Group Liability Insurance
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Business Planning
  • Sales Projections and Goals
  • No Sales Limitations
  • No Territory Limitations
  • Graphic Design
  • Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
  • CAGR 7.5% Over Next 6 Years