3 Really Important Considerations When Buying Epoxy 

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3 Really Important Considerations When Buying Epoxy  How they affect workers, health, the environment, the community, and quality. Where is it made?  Why does that matter? Here are several reasons why you should care. Buying American-made products benefits you and your community? If your epoxy is made in the USA, rather than in China, you…

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10 Great Reasons to Buy U.S. Made Products

Because the National Economy is Important During times of uncertainty in the global market, it is becoming increasingly important for the American people to invest in and buy American-Made products. Buying American-Made products surpasses simple patriotism, but further helps to contribute to a brighter and more stable future for the entire country through the support…

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Home Sweet Home Improvement Ideas

Home Sweet Home

This easy DIY job will add $5k-$10k to your home’s value. Tell me more? There are a few items in every home that turn heads and increase the perceived value of a home, one is the kitchen and the other is the bathroom. Both of these living spaces have one thing in common, the need…

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Tradesmen: Make the Move from Worker to Boss

Worker to Boss

Many tradesmen feel that the time has come for them to change their lives and make the move from worker to boss. For many of them, this is a nervous and fear-filled moment when they give up the wage packet, regardless if it is minimum or decent, for the chance at the upside of big…

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The Importance of iCoat Countertop Sample Boards

Sample Boards

“That is exactly what I am looking for.” The words that lead to a handshake and the scheduling of a countertop upgrade using the iCoat Countertop System. When drumming up business, the personal touch of meeting with potential customers is critical. Remember the days of the door-to-door salesmen who would turn up with a vacuum…

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Can Antimicrobial Additives in Epoxy Help Food Safety.

Countertop Systems

There has been so much talk in the news lately about how coronavirus can live on food preparation surfaces like stainless steel, and plastics (Epoxy) for up to several days.  In a study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases on Oct. 3, researchers from the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine found that SARS-CoV-2 outlived the influenza…

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How iCoat Make Their Countertops

White Kitchen Countertops

The iCoat Countertop System can be done in a variety of ways. The system can be applied over existing Laminate, Tile, Formica, Corian, or even Granite. This customer is looking at extending their countertop space for a breakfast bar and adding an under-mount sink so new tops were made from a water-resistant MDF called Medex.…

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How to Start My Own Tradesman Business Plus 9 Other Searches

Grinding Concrete Floors

When people arrive at a crossroads in life or things like a layoff or COVID type events happen, they start to embrace change and it starts to feel revelatory, they feel a sense of freedom. Usually, the issue is about money, a sense of worth, and their future. How can I make more money? Then…

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