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The iCoat Pool Deck System is an easy 4-step process that any tradesman, handyman, or DIY enthusiast can do.

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Installing our repairing a pool deck will bring your area around the pool back to its fresh new look and will leave you with a beautiful looking outdoor living space. Repair chipped area or refresh the surface. If it is too slippy, make it safer. Dark colors look good but become too hot in the high heat of the summer. In milder climates, darker finishes help amplify the heat in and around the pool for a more enjoyable experience. iCoat Products make living spaces beautiful.

Here is a link to our online step by step training. https://icoatflooringproducts.vhx.tv/

We provide a simple 4 step process to upgrade your old floors to make them beautiful.


Clean and Sound Substrate.

First, clean the pool deck area that you will be working on, high-pressure hose, and wash the surface to remove any contaminants or loose substrate. If the surface has issues, these need to be addressed before coating and then a “Base” coat applied.

Base: (iCoat Texture is an engineered cement overlay that can be applied over any masonry surface.) Base is similar to Texture but it self-levels to a degree. Base is designed to be applied before Texture and can be tinted integrally. Base is excellent for filling in previously textured surfaces like pool decking, exposed aggregate concrete, stamped concrete, salt finished concrete, and even damage done doing flooring removal. It can also be used to fill in metal lathe required when installing over a wooden floor. Base can be tinted with iCoat Dispersion colors as desired when creating a grout-line color. It is designed to be modified with iCoat Resin 221. Coverage ranges from 40 sq ft per bag for heavy profiles to 150 sq ft over smooth concrete.

Resin 221 is a high solids polymer admixture designed to increase the strength and adhesion of the iCoat flooring system grouts (Texture/ Base) 2 quarts of 221 and 4 quarts of water are required for each 50lb bag of grout. Resin 221 can also be used as a floor primer to prevent outgassing in green or porous concrete slabs; it is generally rolled or sprayed at a 2:1 water:resin ratio. It can also be used to prime over VCT cutback straight from the bucket when grinding is not possible. Resin 221 can also be cut with water 5 to one and pigmented with iCoat dispersion colors to be used as an antiquing agent as explained in iCoat training on the flooring system.


Texture: iCoat texture is an engineered cement overlay that can be applied over any masonry surface. It is designed to be sprayed, troweled, or stamped. Texture comes in a 50lb bag and is designed to be modified with iCoat Resin 221. Texture can be applied over “Base” and any pattern can be taped using iCoat filament tape. Texture can be applied to replicate woodgrain, travertine texture, slate, stone, and many other finishes as desired. It can also be sprayed and knocked down for a pool deck finish or stamped using a release agent. Coverage rate over concrete averages between 80 and 120 sq ft per 50 lb bag. It comes in white and can be tinted integrally with iCoat dispersion colors.

ICoat Pattern tape is a paper filament tape that is resistant to the corrosive tendencies of cement. It can be used over concrete or iCoat Base coat to create patterned surfaces.


iCoat Dispersion color is a heavily concentrated pigmentation system that can be added integrally to iCoat flooring grouts. It can also be diluted with water to create accent colors and highlights. It can also be used to create an antiquing agent when combined with water and Resin 221.


iCoat i22 is a thermoplastic sealer that provides a long-lasting, UV resistant protective coating. It can be used over iCoat flooring systems, pavers, brick, stamped concrete, Chattahoochee, or any other masonry surface. Typical coverage at two coats is approximately 100 sq ft per gallon rolled or 150 sq ft per gallon sprayed.

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