iCoat Countertop Epoxy (Antimicrobial)

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iCoat Antimicrobial Countertop Epoxy, 2gal kit, Crystal Clear, Non-Toxic, Food Safe, Epoxy and Hardener 1:1


iCoat Countertop Epoxy with Antimicrobial agents is tested and proven to lessen the number of pathogens on its surface. This provides the customer with a superior product. Food preparation surfaces like expensive Granite are also porous, allowing bacteria to grow in small crevices, not so with an iCoat surface that is bacteria resistant and FDA Approved meeting all LEED Platinum Standards.

As an industry innovator, iCoat has for 30 years been ahead of the curve in food-safe epoxy, resin, and sealers.

While the science is still not conclusive as to whether antimicrobial surfaces will help kill coronavirus, they are proven to be beneficial in preventing mold and bacteria. Any mitigation of pathogens on surfaces is a net positive for restaurants, bars, and the family kitchen.

The EPA notes “There are some antimicrobial additives that EPA calls materials preservatives that can be incorporated into articles. Known as “treated articles,” these plastics, textiles or other materials are treated with or contain a materials preservative to protect the article itself from mold or bacteria that can cause odor, discoloration or deterioration.”