iCoat Antimicrobial Surfaces, Countertops, Tables, Bars

Antimicrobial kitchen countertop

iCoat Products, Inc., is proud to announce the retail release of its antimicrobial countertop epoxy through Amazon.com and via its new website shop. For years iCoat installers and distributors have been offering antimicrobial additives to their countertop epoxy prior to all the fears around Covid-19. This pandemic has got people thinking more about their home…

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Seasonality Planning for Decorative Concrete Tradesmen

Snow on Decorative Concrete

A lot of people jump into careers and work based on the best-case scenario when work is aplenty and everyone wants what you are offering, these trends always wane leaving you feeling you made a bad decision or scrambling for gap filling work. In the booming decorative concrete and epoxy business being really successful happens…

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What’s so special about iCoat Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin arts and crafts are just starting to become popular here in America. The myth about it being too dangerous for the everyday person to work with or handle has been dismissed as blends have become food-safe for food preparation, non-toxic, and with no VOC’s, fairly innocuous.  The ability to incorporate colors, additives, and…

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Countertop Epoxy Problems – Epoxy Drips

We get a lot of calls from tradesmen about countertop epoxy drips and how to handle them on a project. Epoxy is a liquid that varies in viscosity (thickness) depending on heat and conditions, and when applied to a tabletop, countertop, or art project you will wind up with drips on the bottom edges that…

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