Home Sweet Home Improvement Ideas

Home Sweet Home

This easy DIY job will add $5k-$10k to your home’s value. Tell me more? There are a few items in every home that turn heads and increase the perceived value of a home, one is the kitchen and the other is the bathroom. Both of these living spaces have one thing in common, the need…

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The Importance of iCoat Countertop Sample Boards

Sample Boards

“That is exactly what I am looking for.” The words that lead to a handshake and the scheduling of a countertop upgrade using the iCoat Countertop System. When drumming up business, the personal touch of meeting with potential customers is critical. Remember the days of the door-to-door salesmen who would turn up with a vacuum…

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How iCoat Make Their Countertops

White Kitchen Countertops

The iCoat Countertop System can be done in a variety of ways. The system can be applied over existing Laminate, Tile, Formica, Corian, or even Granite. This customer is looking at extending their countertop space for a breakfast bar and adding an under-mount sink so new tops were made from a water-resistant MDF called Medex.…

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iCoat Antimicrobial Surfaces, Countertops, Tables, Bars

Antimicrobial kitchen countertop

iCoat Products, Inc., is proud to announce the retail release of its antimicrobial countertop epoxy through Amazon.com and via its new website shop. For years iCoat installers and distributors have been offering antimicrobial additives to their countertop epoxy prior to all the fears around Covid-19. This pandemic has got people thinking more about their home…

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Beautiful New Countertops

Ask yourself this, if your wife or mother went away for the weekend and when she returned her kitchen looked like this, what do you think her response would be? I can tell you first hand, she screamed, a few tears of joy, she hugged me, and happy wife, happy life so far. DIY Countertops…

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Seasonality Planning for Decorative Concrete Tradesmen

Snow on Decorative Concrete

A lot of people jump into careers and work based on the best-case scenario when work is aplenty and everyone wants what you are offering, these trends always wane leaving you feeling you made a bad decision or scrambling for gap filling work. In the booming decorative concrete and epoxy business being really successful happens…

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How to Get Bubbles Out of Your Epoxy

Epoxy is a great medium for arts and crafts, jewelry, pendants, cutting boards, decorating tumblers, sealing photographs, and artwork. DIY and tradesmen use it for countertops, river tables, tabletops, and a myriad of other projects. It is durable, allows one to work with a wide variety of colors that stay vibrant and lasts for years. …

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