iCoat Renew – for Sealed Concrete Floors

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Mop on to sealed concrete floors to restore the lustre, provides scuff and scratch resistance gloss finish.


Bring your stained concrete, coated, tile, or stone floors, back to a luster that will scream they are renewed and beautiful again. iCoat Renew Floor Finish is an ultra-versatile interior floor finish designed for sealed concrete floors, epoxy coated floors, or iCoat Metal Illusion Epoxy Floors. It provides additional scuff and scratch resistance and dries bright and to an exceptional gloss.

Directions for Use: Make sure the floor is clean and dry. Using a clean microfiber mop, apply a thin coat in a figure 8 pattern to ensure that all areas are sufficiently covered. A roller can be used to apply a thicker coat over unsealed surfaces that will act as a primer for subsequent coats of either clear or tinted Renew. Allow the finish to dry before walking on it or applying additional coats. Drying time is approximately 30 minutes, however high humidity and poor ventilation may extend drying times. For additional gloss and protection, apply 1-2 additional coats.

Clean-Up: Hands and tools can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Size: 1 Gallon