iCoat U528 Primer/Stain

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iCoat Urethane 528 is a single component urethane dispersion primer coat for epoxy flooring. iCoat’s U528 can be used as a Primer or a Stain.



iCoat Urethane 528 is a single component, self-crosslinking, urethane dispersion primer coat for epoxy flooring coatings in garages, workshops, basements, offices, salons, stores, and with the Metal Illusion flooring system. U528 primer provides excellent adhesion properties over freshly prepared concrete. Multiple coats may be necessary for the desired effect. Dry time is between 40 and 60 minutes depending on temperature and humidity. Available in clear and with iCoat Dispersion colors can be tinted to any base color you want for a beautiful finish.

Surface Preparation: iCoat Urethane 528 should be applied over a porous concrete surface free of all foreign substances and embedded contaminants including paint, oil, and chemicals. Grinding to a 60 grit is the preferable method of surface prep. Mop floor to remove dust with iCoat Maintain cleaning agent. If greases and oils are present, use an appropriate degreaser then rinse thoroughly. The substrate must be dry before application.

Application: Do not dilute. iCoat Urethane 528 primer should be applied directly to the surface using a 1⁄4” nap roller with each coat as thin as possible.

Approximate coverage rates are 400-500 sq/ft per gallon. As a Stain, you can yield approximately 275-400sf per gal depending on the color and look.

Size: 1 Gallon