White C Marble Countertop Kit

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iCoat Kit Name: White C Marble


iCoat Kit Name: White C Marble

These kits cover up to 25sq ft and 50sq ft respectively. They include Countertop Composite Primer, Color, and Countertop Epoxy. (Please take the time to measure your countertops to assess the square footage of the space, include all areas to be covered with 10% overage)

Brief Description:

Products included:

25 sqft kit
20lb composite 
One-gallon epoxy kit

Arctic White 1oz

Can of Black spray paint
50 sqft kit
40lb composite
Two-gallon epoxy kit
Arctic White 2oz
Can of Black spray paint


Step-by-Step Training: With your purchase, we will provide you free full access to the step-by-step training online. https://icoatcountertopproducts.vhx.tv/ If you need phone support we are here for you too anytime during extended business hours.

Warranty: iCoat stands behind all of its products. Each goes through rigorous testing before it goes into a bottle and shipped to a job site. Our epoxy meets all LEED Platinum Standards, is Heat Resistant up to 500degrees, has UV Stabilizers to resist ambering, and creates a non-porous food-safe surface that is far superior to the competition. Please contact us immediately if you have any issues with the products in your order.

Shipping: iCoat will research the most cost-effective way to get you your order in a timely manner and will contact you to finalize the shipping.

Additional information

Size Options

50sqft Kit, 25sqft Kit

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