iCoat Flooring Ipoxy (Epoxy)

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The professional’s choice for a tinted base coat of epoxy for use on garage floors and concrete floors.


iCoat Flooring Ipoxy is the professional’s choice for a tinted base coat of epoxy for use on garage floors and concrete floors where a uniform color coating is desired and where flooring chips will be added in complementary colors.

Product Description: iPoxy Resin is a 100% solids epoxy binder. It may be used as a binder in epoxy troweled surfaces, polymer concrete, or industrial grouts. It can also be used as a binder for self-leveling surfaces.

Surface Preparation: Concrete must be structurally sound and free of defects and all contaminants. For trouble-free performance on concrete, the use of a primer is recommended.

Application: The temperature of the substrate during application should be between 55° and 90°F. For temperatures below 55°F use a low-temperature hardener. For trowelled systems, add 5 to 6 parts of clean, dry, graded silica sand. Screed to specified thickness and finish by hand or power trowel. For coating or slurry applications, use a notched squeegee to meter iPoxy Resin to the desired thickness. Then backroll with a phenolic core medium nap roller if necessary.

Mixing: Do not mix until the surface to be coated has been prepared. Mix 4 parts by volume Part A with 1 part by volume Part B. Use a low-speed power mixer. Continue to mix for a full 3 minutes. Both parts are light in color and have the same appearance when poorly mixed as when well mixed. Best results are achieved if Parts A and B are maintained at 70° to 80° F for at least 24 hours before use. The working time for 1 gallon of mixed iPoxy Resin is approximately 40 minutes at 70°. Higher temperatures and/or larger quantities will have shorter working times.

Clean Up: Clean skin with soap and water. Tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately with MEK, xylene, or proprietary epoxy thinner.

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