iCoat Water Stop/Shower Sealer

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iCoat Water Stop/Shower Sealer has many great uses that will save you in the long run.

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iCoat Water Stop/Shower Sealer is the professional’s choice and has many great uses:

  • Water Repellent: Medium Porosity vertical substrates, Burnished Block, Brick Limestone, Sandstone, Stucco, Wood.
  • Graffiti Protection on surfaces: Sacrificial Protective Coating (Clear) – Anti-Graffiti Coating in the 2-coat process Graffiti Barrier.
  • Prevents: Eforescence, Mold and mildew, freeze-thaw damage, and deterioration of masonry caused by water intrusion.

Application: Apply using high-volume, low pressure (between 40-60 psi) sprayer with a fan tip and solvent resistant fittings. Roller or natural bristle brush may be used in areas where spray application is not appropriate. DO NOT USE AIRLESS SPRAY EQUIPMENT. Apply in a good coat, from top to bottom, obtaining a 4 to 6 inch rundown of product from the point where the spray makes contact with the surface. Work all the way down the building covering the rundown as you go. Avoid excessive overlapping. Some substrates may require back rolling after the product is applied to smooth out any rundown lines. Brush any excess product that may accumulate on ledges and other areas that may hold excess material.

Coverage Rates: Coverage rates vary depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate. We recommend that a test be done to determine coverage rates. It should net 60-80 sf at two coats.

Clean-Up: Flush spray equipment with mineral spirits after use and during any break periods in the application process. Do not dilute, thin or alter this product. Use within 48 hours of opening. Humidity in air will react with the product, causing it to gel. Keep container tightly closed between pours.

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