Issues with Epoxy Supply Shortages & Soaring Prices? Not with iCoat

If you think your epoxy resin supply is safe think again, many suppliers are already reporting their epoxy product is low or out of stock. Premium epoxies, which are purer and of a higher quality, are even harder to find.

Be assured, that is not a problem we have at iCoat.

Read articles from Plastics Today

Here are a few takeaways from their articles:

The supply chain for the raw materials that go into making your epoxy resin is in tight supply. The disruption started at the end of 2020 and has not gotten back to full capacity. The upcoming hurricane season could affect prices and supply even more. Add onto that the inflationary environment the US and the world are heading into and the ability to get a consistent supply of epoxy resin at good prices is going to be tough for most customers and suppliers.

Why iCoat Products has a competitive advantage.

  1. iCoat thought ahead and stocked up with our high-quality product. They don’t stock the cheaper formulas, only proprietary blends.
  2. iCoat is grandfathered into the priority supply chain because of its history and relationships.
  3. Tim Phelps and his family have been in the industry for 50 plus years, they didn’t get in it just to make money they live and breathe it.
  4. The support and service you get from Tim and the iCoat team is second to none in the industry, try it and find out.

If you already get your epoxy and other materials from iCoat, stock up.


If you are looking for a reliable supply chain to provide you consistent high-quality epoxy resin and decorative concrete materials? It is time to make the move to iCoat Products, inc.

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