3 Really Important Considerations When Buying Epoxy 

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3 Really Important Considerations When Buying Epoxy 

How they affect workers, health, the environment, the community, and quality.

  1. Where is it made? 
    1. Why does that matter? Here are several reasons why you should care.
      1. Buying American-made products benefits you and your community?
      2. If your epoxy is made in the USA, rather than in China, you are supporting local businesses which in turn support jobs in US-based peripheral industries and return more money to the US treasury to fund schools, hospitals, public services, and more.
      3. Environmental effects, if you look at regulations around chemical plants in the USA and China the difference could not be starker, buying from US-based manufacturers protects the environment over foreign producers who don’t care about environmental damage.
      4. Labor Standards, not only does buying US-produced goods help to keep the money stateside but also think about the treatment of workers in countries like China. Are they being exposed to harmful chemicals? Are they being paid compensatory? Is their workplace safe?
  2. Health & Safety.
    1. Is it safe for me to use, those producing it, and for the environment?
      1. Not all Epoxies are the same! When you mix Epoxy Resin and a hardener a chemical reaction takes place and because different additives to epoxy resin systems can affect your health in different ways, you should find out what chemicals are in the products you use. Ask to see the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for the products you buy.
      2. When Epoxy cures is it “Food-Safe?” Cheap epoxy can leach chemicals over time that can find their way into your system through food that comes into contact with it. But handling it prior to curing can have serious health issues especially for those with an amine allergy or who have issues with the fillers in some products like asbestos or fiberglass.
      3. Can you use the epoxy resin indoors? Cheaper epoxy blends have hidden warnings about the vapor and odor that is produced while working with them. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a large group of chemicals, once these chemicals are in our homes, they are released or “off-gas” into the indoor air we breathe. They may or may not be able to be smelled. Make sure your epoxy has low or no odors.
      4. Is it “Non-Toxic?” Epoxy resins usually are when cured but need special handling while mixing and working with them. All of these issues are mitigated by using quality American-made Epoxy Resin that is regulated and produced in a facility with strict controls.
  3. Product Quality
    1. Not all Epoxy resins are the same. Ask yourself these quality questions, does it resist ambering? Is it heat resistant to what temperature? Will it cure consistently to the label specifications every time? Does it retain bubbles or are they easily released? Does it deliver crystal-clear results?
    2. American epoxy resins have stricter regulations and higher standards for quality than imports do. Consumers benefit from products that are of higher quality, and they’re likely to buy more of them.
    3. Cheap epoxies will eventually ruin your hard work, maintaining quality standards is so important when working with epoxy resin. Having a product that is tested and consistent in its application is critical if you are using it in business. If you are an artist then you also don’t want cheap epoxy ruining your passion projects.



Here is an example of an unscrupulous company misleading consumers about their product and trying to flood western countries with cheap sub-standard epoxy.

Hello! I’m from XXX Corporation – a big epoxy resin manufacturer in China.

Our advantages:

1:High Glossy,  UV Resistant,  Long Service Life 

(Epoxy by nature is High gloss, and has a long service life, but UV Resistant? Think of it like sunscreen, it helps for a while but after enough exposure, your epoxy will amber and you are going to get burnt by the sun and if you buy cheap epoxy, burnt by the supplier. Do you think they are going to be around in 5 years to make right on their promises? iCoat has been around for 30 plus years. We talk about UV Stabilizers in our epoxy, again they help, but the truth is the truth. Read our article https://builder.icoatproducts.com/how-to-protect-epoxy-from-ambering-or-yellowing/)

2:Scratch Resistant,  85D Hardness 

(Well mixed and prepared epoxy will cure rock hard. Read “Epoxy Best Practices” https://builder.icoatproducts.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/iCoat-Art-Resin-Best-Practices.pdf Scratch Resistant is a half-truth, anything can be scratched, epoxy countertops are durable and hard-wearing, you will worry as much about scratching Epoxy as you would Quartz or Corian, less so than Formica or other cheaper surfaces.)

3: Safe to use: We add the Antibacterial agent – Exclusive Patented Technology into our epoxy resin. It can be increasing your selling point.  

(In the USA we have FIFRA, which covers the use of pesticides; the classification for Antimicrobial agents in products, it would be illegal to import and use their product without a lot of government paperwork and red tape, the penalties for misuse are massive, fines and jail time. They would be classified as Grey Market Pesticides. Yes, it will increase the selling point, but it needs to be compliant safe to use. iCoat has a FIFRA USA-approved additive that we stand behind.)


(Notice they do not say FIFRA approved? FDA regulates American products and I do not know a Chinese epoxy that has no odor and BPA Free and NoVOCs, what about those with Amine allergies? again, who would you go to to get clarification or recourse? Then the ultimate lie “Won’t Turn Yellow” again they just know that you have no recourse and by the time it does you will be shit out of luck.) 

Not all Chinese goods are inferior but when it comes to Epoxy, protecting the environment and the consumer value, buy 100% American Made every time.

Check your vendor!

Most Epoxy Products are made in China.

iCoat is 100% Made in the USA