3 Really Important Considerations When Buying Epoxy 

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3 Really Important Considerations When Buying Epoxy  How they affect workers, health, the environment, the community, and quality. Where is it made?  Why does that matter? Here are several reasons why you should care. Buying American-made products benefits you and your community? If your epoxy is made in the USA, rather than in China, you…

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How iCoat Make Their Countertops

White Kitchen Countertops

The iCoat Countertop System can be done in a variety of ways. The system can be applied over existing Laminate, Tile, Formica, Corian, or even Granite. This customer is looking at extending their countertop space for a breakfast bar and adding an under-mount sink so new tops were made from a water-resistant MDF called Medex.…

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Case Study: iCoat One Day Stain™

One Day Stain Finish Coat

Case Study: iCoat One Day Stain™  When the owners of Geno’s East found a great location for their Chicago-style pizza business in a building on Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona, they wanted to be open as quickly as possible but with an impressive looking building both inside and out. When they were doing their demo…

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What’s so special about iCoat Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin arts and crafts are just starting to become popular here in America. The myth about it being too dangerous for the everyday person to work with or handle has been dismissed as blends have become food-safe for food preparation, non-toxic, and with no VOC’s, fairly innocuous.  The ability to incorporate colors, additives, and…

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