The Benefits of iCoat Stamped Concrete

We have all seen our neighbors on their hands and knees picking out weeds from between their pavers or spraying potentially harmful chemicals to make their patio or entryway look fabulous.

Then we have noticed that others don’t worry about that because they chose to go with a flooring system that would be easy to maintain, weed-free, and truly fabulous.

Weed-free is just one of the benefits of stamped concrete, there are many others; maintenance, if you get chips or blemishes they can be easily fixed. Cleaning, spray or brush without dust getting into crevices. Cost, much more affordable than the stone they mimic. They are non-slip and easy for those with disabilities to traverse. And if you want to get real creative, you can choose to use color-schemes that if they exist in nature you will have to be a millionaire to afford the real stone or go bold and beautiful, it’s your choice.

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