The Importance of iCoat Countertop Sample Boards

Sample Boards

“That is exactly what I am looking for.” The words that lead to a handshake and the scheduling of a countertop upgrade using the iCoat Countertop System.

When drumming up business, the personal touch of meeting with potential customers is critical. Remember the days of the door-to-door salesmen who would turn up with a vacuum cleaner that picked up so much dirt that the homemaker could hardly say no. Well, that personal experience is so powerful and that is why the most successful iCoat Certified Installers use sample boards to show customers the color scheme, edge design and lets them feel the finished surface. They will then fill in the gaps in their mind of the transformation it will have on their kitchen upgrade. The iCoat Countertop System can be done in a variety of ways. The system can be applied over existing Laminate, Tile, Formica, Corian, or even Granite.

During your installer certification, you will make a variety of sample boards that can be part of your collection of options. Our trainers will walk you through the process step by step and you will leave confident that you can achieve colors that can be customized to your customer’s desires. Are they looking for a mainly white countertop or something more colorful, maybe the colors of their favorite team? the options are endless.

To make your creation of sample boards easier, we have put together a cost-effective package that is only $99. A great way for you to create uniform sample boards and win more business.

Make that call and get a jump start on a new income stream.