Ask yourself this, if your wife or mother went away for the weekend and when she returned her kitchen looked like this, what do you think her response would be?

I can tell you first hand, she screamed, a few tears of joy, she hugged me, and happy wife, happy life so far.

DIY Countertops

Tim Phelps at iCoat Products has developed a system to redo countertops over existing tile, laminate, Formica, wood, concrete, basically anything with a sound substrate and limited demo. It can be done to replicate expensive Stone and Granite. It is FDA approved Food-Safe and meets Platinum LEED Standards for food preparation. They are also a great choice for bathroom vanities, tabletops, and even outdoor kitchens. I’m OK as a handyman but after this, my wife was wowed.

Posted on Facebook 9/2/20 by Jon Ferguson, “First time amateur here…with Tim’s coaching we used iCoat’s Countertop products to cover old, stained concrete counter top in a house we just purchased. From start to finish, Tim and his staff were so helpful, guiding us all along the way. I have a few before and after pics.”

So, what are you waiting for? Make her day. ORDER NOW