Seasonality Planning for Decorative Concrete Tradesmen

Snow on Decorative Concrete

A lot of people jump into careers and work based on the best-case scenario when work is aplenty and everyone wants what you are offering, these trends always wane leaving you feeling you made a bad decision or scrambling for gap filling work. In the booming decorative concrete and epoxy business being really successful happens when you plan your year based on your location on a seasonal calendar.

At iCoat Global, we offer the tradesmen, installers, and distributors with the type of support you rarely get in similar businesses; seasonal planning, business planning, exceptional sales, and marketing support. Training, and certification for beginners and advanced professionals in all the most popular concrete systems to guarantee your customers the results they expect. Plus access to popular products and blends only available through the iCoat Network.

Let’s take life in the central states like Illinois, for outdoor concrete work there is only a limited window when this work can be completed, you can’t do it while there are 6 feet of snow on the ground. We know installers that used to advertise in the heart of winter for outdoor stamped concrete when no consumer was even contemplating that kind of investment. Redoing someone’s pool decking, again, can’t be done in the winter and they probably don’t want to do it while the family is swimming but that is the time to get their attention and plan for a fall or spring date on the work calendar. The same goes for garage floors, who wants to empty their garage when they can’t get the door open? Also, sealers need warmer weather to dry correctly.

So what do concrete tradesmen do for work in the heart of winter? The smart ones, and we count our iCoat network team in that mix, they do countertops, bar tops, tabletops, and indoor flooring work. They start advertising for that work at the right time of year and they get the marketing and advertising support as part of their iCoat Network relationship. It is hard for smaller businesses to offset the work they are doing and the product they are purchasing with seasonality planning for advertising and marketing to bring in new business.

There are lots of sessions every January at the industry’s biggest trade show, “World of Concrete” in Vegas that help you get a sense of the back office support you need for your business. It is daunting with AdWords campaigns, where to advertise?, what to say?, and building and maintaining your own business website with SEO and SEM, it seems like a whole other business that you also have to run. 

As part of the iCoat Network we make all this feel like you have the team that helps you handle it all; seasonality planning, business planning, advertising, content marketing, BBB, awards, reputation management, local listings, chamber of commerce relationships. Not only all this but also the lead generation that brings new business in for you through iCoat HQ nationwide campaigns. To find out how you can own your future and territory as part of the iCoat Network contact iCoat HQ on 1-866-950-0455


About iCoat Products

Industry leader in epoxy and decorative concrete products – Quality since 1990.

iCoat Products, inc., is the premier manufacturer of epoxy and decorative concrete products for use in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. iCoat developed systems for interior and exterior decorative architectural overlays with the latest installation techniques, and providing the very best training available in the industry. Minimal need for demo – for flooring, walls, countertops, tabletops, and bars; delivering superior results from its unique scientific urethane and epoxy products. 

Since 1989, iCoat has overseen the formulation of many groundbreaking technologies including synthetic rock materials which are made of 95% recycled materials, trowelled concrete overlays that do not require bond coats, and the often copied but never duplicated countertop resurfacing system. Its new products and formulas are field-tested on actual job sites. This experience provides valuable insights into issues contractors deal with on a day to day basis which bolsters iCoat’s unrivaled industry tech support.

iCoat provides installer training and certification to guarantee the results you are looking for. We have a network of distributors and installers throughout the U.S. & Canada and ship our proprietary products worldwide. 

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  • Countertop, Table Top, Bar, Shower, Wall, Flooring (Epoxy, Stained, Stamped Concrete – Interior/Exterior) One Day Stain™.

Launched 30 years ago by Tim Phelps to help contractors and tradesmen deliver top quality work to their residential and commercial customers for both new construction and remodeling. Over the years iCoat has developed chemically engineered products that deliver superior results and systems that are best-in-class and acclaimed at the annual World of Concrete Show. iCoat pioneered trowelled flooring systems, concrete countertop overlays, new wall and shower systems, and their hottest new avant-garde Metal Illusion epoxy system for both flooring and countertops. iCoat Products, Inc., proudly serves the residential and commercial remodeling industry.

iCoat’s clients include Universal Studios, Marriott Hotels, Geno’s East Chicago Pizza, Arena Sorts Grill, Vincennes University, Rare Earth Gallery, Hair Salons, Beauty Stores, Bike Shops, Taco Bell, Holiday Inn. We would like to make your business or residence our next very happy customer. 

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