iCoat Antimicrobial Surfaces, Countertops, Tables, Bars

Antimicrobial kitchen countertop

iCoat Products, Inc., is proud to announce the retail release of its antimicrobial countertop epoxy through Amazon.com and via its new website shop. For years iCoat installers and distributors have been offering antimicrobial additives to their countertop epoxy prior to all the fears around Covid-19. This pandemic has got people thinking more about their home and business environment where they prepare food and serve it – safety has become even more important. As an industry innovator, iCoat has for 30 years been ahead of the curve in food-safe epoxy, resin, and sealers.

While the science is still not conclusive as to whether antimicrobial surfaces will help kill coronavirus, they are proven to be beneficial in preventing mold and bacteria. Any mitigation of pathogens on surfaces is a net positive for restaurants, bars, and the family kitchen. The EPA notes “There are some antimicrobial additives that EPA calls materials preservatives that can be incorporated into articles. Known as “treated articles,” these plastics, textiles or other materials are treated with or contain a materials preservative to protect the article itself from mold or bacteria that can cause odor, discoloration or deterioration.”

After 30 Years of quality in the decorative concrete and epoxy industry, Tim Phelps, CEO of iCoat made the decision to move the company from a wholesale-only business, serving his client base, to expand the company into retail lanes and a more robust network. With the collection of superior, differentiated products for concrete flooring and countertops, including primers, colorants, overlays, and sealers, iCoat will initially be making its catalog available to retail outlets in the USA and Canada.

iCoat Products:
Epoxy (Countertop, Casting, Depth, Antimicrobial), 2112 Penetrating Wood Sealers, Urethane, Honing Oil™, One Day Stain™, Metallic Illusion™, Thermoplastic Sealers, Renew, U528 Primer/Stain, Concrete Overlay Composites, Pool Decking.

iCoat Systems:
Countertop, Table Top, Bar, Shower, Wall, Flooring (Epoxy coatings, Stained, Stamped Concrete – Interior/Exterior) One Day Stain™.

iCoat’s clients include Universal Studios, Marriott Hotels, Geno’s East Chicago Pizza, Arena Sorts Grill, Vincennes University, Rare Earth Gallery, Hair Salons, Beauty Stores, Bike Shops, Taco Bell, Holiday Inn. We would like to make your business or residence our next very happy customer.