How to Start My Own Tradesman Business Plus 9 Other Searches

Grinding Concrete Floors

When people arrive at a crossroads in life or things like a layoff or COVID type events happen, they start to embrace change and it starts to feel revelatory, they feel a sense of freedom. Usually, the issue is about money, a sense of worth, and their future. How can I make more money? Then they go searching, they hop on their favorite search engine and type…

Creative ways to make money
How to make money
6 figure jobs without a college degree
Ways to make a living without a degree
Trade jobs that pay well without a degree
Jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree
Best Trades for self-employment
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How to start my own trade business

There are a lot of long shot businesses and don’t forget scams that prey on these moments. So it’s not hard to understand why people gravitate to the iCoat Network. Without a college degree or the debt that comes with it, a handyman can become a tradesman earning a six-figure income. Don’t get me wrong, you have to always bring something to the table in life and at the iCoat Network we won’t just work with anyone because we first and foremost will protect our brand. As we do this our name and stature grow and members of the iCoat Network of distributors and installers increase their income.

“The iCoat Network supports distributors, contractors, and installers with best-in-class marketing support, far more affordably than them hiring random help, and the power of the network will increase each member’s leads and business potential” noted Ian Faith. The goal is to serve customers with more options and better quality options in stamped concrete, epoxy coatings, stained concrete, polished concrete, colored concrete, and concrete overlays.

The analysts in the industry are seeing 7% CAGR over the next 6 years which will create a boon for this industry. Also, the popularity of food-safe epoxy and its use in residential and commercial kitchens, meeting FDA LEED Platinum Standards means there is a lot of work yet to be factored in. Joining the iCoat Global Product network leverages 30 years of successful on-the-job experience in the decorative concrete industry. Direct U.S. manufacturing of superior quality materials, development of the latest installation techniques, and the very best product and business training in the industry.

So when you have friends looking to change their life, work hard and build their future, take a look at the iCoat Network and see if it is right for you. Call Us at 1-866-950-0455