Case Study: iCoat One Day Stain™

Gino's East

Case Study: iCoat One Day Stain™ 

When the owners of Geno’s East found a great location for their Chicago-style pizza business in a building on Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona, they wanted to be open as quickly as possible but with an impressive looking building both inside and out. When they were doing their demo internally their plans called for taking out a few walls to open up the space and they were left with a 3000sqft floor with multiple different areas of concrete, some painted, some exposed and some filled in old and fresh. The business had a custom color scheme and did not want to settle for another color if the process could not handle it. They chose a light gray with brown accents. They wanted a concrete floor that would be impressive looking, easy to clean, durable, and would meet all health code standards.

They met with Tim Phelps from iCoat Products and chose his revolutionary “iCoat One Day Stain™” to solve this problem.

Geno’s East was on a tight schedule and had other contractors coming in Monday morning and the flooring had to be finished, they gave the iCoat team access Saturday morning.

7:00 am The iCoat team arrived at the location, unloaded their equipment, went over the game plan, and assigned tasks.

8:00 am Grinding and preparing floor surface to open up the concrete pores is in full swing.

10:00 am Cleaning, vacuuming, mopping dust, and then masking off the perimeter ready to start the application.

11:30 am Spraying the primary coat of tinted iCoat 528 Penetrating Urethane™ and rolling it out over the 3000sqft should take about 90 minutes. It dries within an hour. Then onto the next step and sealing it.

One of the really unique things about the iCoat One Day Stain™ system is that it can hide variations in concrete where they won’t be noticeable anymore, at this job we have 5 different types of concrete, some red, some cut-out, and other parts patched. With acid-stains and such, this would be very problematic and would not deliver superior results. 

1:45 pm With the first coat of the iCoat 528 dry and the areas where the concrete was varied, virtually undetectable, they speckle the area with an iCoat Captain Hanky color, mixed with the iCoat 528, 5 caps per gallon, using a spray bottle to get the desired effect and limit overspray. It gets rolled in for better blending.

2:30 pm With the floor dry, it is time to apply the top coat using the iCoat 2112 Single Component Urethane™. It is applied in 1 or 2 coats, cross-hatching to prevent any possible roller markings, and to make it as smooth and blended as possible.

3:45 pm Job is complete as the iCoat 2112 sealer dries within an hour.

iCoat One Day Stain – Job Done!

One Day Stain Finish Coat


Applying the iCoat One Day Stain™ saved the business thousands of dollars over acid stains and days lost in construction. It helped them meet their deadlines while not having to compromise their opening plans or brand color scheme. It can be done in any color or any shade of color. A business can now realistically return to service next-day or even same-day. It’s a very safe product and can even be applied when the business is open, it can even be applied while a business is still open. It meets all LEED Platinum standards and health codes. 

iCoat One Day Stain system produces a finished concrete floor that is very easy to maintain and flexible, it’s a hard-wearing iron floor, it’s revolutionary in the flooring business. 

“Applying the iCoat One Day Stain™ saved the business thousands of dollars over acid stains and days lost in construction.”

Product Information: 

iCoat “Revolutionary” One Day Stain™ is easy to apply and can be done in any color or combination of colors. The proprietary blend of urethane resins dry in less than an hour and is ready to be sealed immediately which significantly lowers labor costs. It has no perceivable odor and can be applied and sealed even while a business is operating. It hides variances in concrete colors and even completely different slabs for a beautiful, functional, long-lasting floor.  

iCoat 528 Penetrating Urethane™ was developed to replace acid-stains, soy stains, or acetone stains, things that don’t work very efficiently and are not friendly to the user. At iCoat we have addressed all their problems with this new iCoat 528 product. It has great adhesion, can be tinted any color, and dries really fast with no odors, it doesn’t need to be rinsed and is applied and done in one day.

Acid stains by contrast are caustic, they are full of carcinogens like sodium dichromate and thiochloride, they are not only bad for the people who are breathing it in during the long application process, but also for the environment because with acid stains once they react they have to be rinsed and you have to get rid of all that wastewater somewhere, either the sewer or out on the street-not a green option. 

iCoat 2112 Single Component Urethane™. The technology behind the iCoat 2112 is amazing, its a combination of several different resins, specifically blended and designed in the lab by iCoat Products, that perform very well. It forms a hard shell, it is very durable, bright but not too shiny. It is applied in 1 or 2 coats, cross-hatching if preferred, designed for minimal roller markings for smooth and blended a top coat as possible. 

For contractors, the iCoat One Day Stain system has essentially no learning curve and has a great profit margin. Use the iCoat One Day Stain on your next project and you’ll never go back to outdated technology.


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