What’s so special about iCoat Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin arts and crafts are just starting to become popular here in America. The myth about it being too dangerous for the everyday person to work with or handle has been dismissed as blends have become food-safe for food preparation, non-toxic, and with no VOC’s, fairly innocuous. 

The ability to incorporate colors, additives, and silicone molds have opened up the doors to crafts by artisans that are sparking imaginations and lighting up art studios around the country with river tables, cutting boards, tables, and countertops. Some of this work sells for top dollar on sites like Etsy, as it should, it is breathtaking. But you don’t have to be some kind of expert to make something beautiful with epoxy resin. Moms, Dads, and their children are dabbling in casual craft classes making decorations, pendants, drinkware, pet accessories taking bling to new levels. It brings people together to enjoy art and the company of others while giving you the chance to be creative.

But not all epoxies are the same. The chemical reaction that happens when you blend the A and B parts together has been developed over the years, refined and redefined to deliver the demands of artists for crystal-clear results and faster dry times in countertop coatings, castings, and deep-pour depth epoxies. But this development hasn’t just been done by the large petrochemical companies, it has also been driven by professionals like Tim Phelps of iCoat Products who works day in and day out with the products and who wants to present his clients with the best possible epoxy resin for their jobs. iCoat epoxies are all proudly produced right here in the USA where the quality standards are high and low impact on the environment is low. Many other companies bring in their epoxy from countries like China, where standards are low and the impact on nature is disastrous, this is the byproduct of cheap resin, plus you can see it in the results and how it lasts over time. 

Tim began his journey in the U.S. Military before starting iCoat and brought that commitment of service to help his contractors and tradesmen deliver top quality work to their customers. He takes pride in being best-in-class; and that shines brightly at the annual World of Concrete Show.

The Wizard, that’s the name the industry bestowed upon Tim Phelps during his 30-years of craftsmanship and artistry in the epoxy and decorative concrete industry. He is also a true thought leader in this space, not satisfied with just using the product, he collaborated with a chemist to improve and develop chemically engineered proprietary formulas that outperform the competition and deliver superior results. Combined with the end-to-end systems and training classes for completing countertops, flooring, walls, and stamped concrete; working with Tim and iCoat is so collaborative you’d think it was ‘magic.’

So when you are asked, “What’s so special about iCoat Epoxy Resin?” rest assured in the knowledge that you are getting the best quality epoxy and not adding to the earth’s pollution footprint with foreign brands.

Tim has been featured on various TV home repair shows including, “Flip This House,” “Extreme Home Makeover,” and “SpacesTV” as well as various online productions. 

Tim loves to give back and always makes himself available to those skilled in the industry and those looking for a start, contact him on 877-669-1110 or tim@icoatproducts.com